Friday, April 12, 2013

Kindergarten: Zippy The Zebra

Meet Zippy the Zebra!

Day 1:  The students and I watched a YouTube video, "Zippy the Zebra."  Poor Zippy had many fleas and was very itchy, he could not get ride of them.  Then, Zippy walked by two birds in a tree that were very hungry.  The birds ate all of the fleas off Zippy.  Zippy felt better and the birds were not hungry anymore.  This is called symbiosis.  The students and I brainstormed other symbiotic relationships.

Symbiosis: Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical associations, typically to the advantage of both.

After, we talked about the black and white stripe pattern on zebras.  We spent the remaining time in class making matters with buttons, pom-poms, colored pasta, buttons, beads, and wood shapes.

Day 2:  Students traced, cut out, and glued together all of the parts to make their zebra.  They assembled the zebra onto the background color of their choice.

Day 3:  Students were given artistic freedom to make whatever colored stripes on Zippy, as long as they made a pattern.  Student glued on a yarn tail and mane.

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